A voice SMS is a text message that you can send that includes a message (usually 30 seconds or less) that the other person can hear in the text message. Bulk Voice SMS are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks across the country.

Record a voice note in your own voice and convert it text to speech, upload a clip into the software & transmit as phone calls to your contacts or groups.
Bulk Voice SMS Service is the easiest and simplest way of communicating and interacting large set of audience. This is the best deal that one can make to advertise, promote and build the business purpose interaction with the public.
Voice SMS service in India has named for being on top as the most effective marketing tool to bring more business & building business brand. It has a great effect in attracting more visitors and generates quality leads. Thus, Bulk Voice SMS is the only option for the businesses who want to build on robust marketing strategy for achieving all their business objectives.
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